When To Buy A Wedding Dress

When To Buy A Wedding Dress


When you are considering when to buy your wedding dress before you walk down the aisle (if you haven't set a date yet), it may seem like a long way off. It's actually a good idea to visit the bridal salon as soon as possible because custom-made wedding dresses usually take 6-9 months to create.


Aside from finding your dream dress, you'll need to schedule three (yes, three) fittings, allowing for custom alterations, followed by some more (your perfectly tailored dream dress doesn't come together overnight). This dress shopping itinerary, however, is hardly set in stone due to the modern, evolving wedding industry.


If you still have 12+ months until your wedding, we've mapped out a traditional gown timeline for you!


Once You're Engaged


Before your partner proposed, it's safe to assume you had a Pinterest board full of dream wedding dresses. Make sure you do your homework if you have no idea what your dream gown would look like. Obtain inspiration from real brides or bridal magazines, scan top trends, identify favorite designers, or rip pages from bridal magazines. Look for commonalities among your favorites: Do you keep coming back to open backs? How about embellishments? What about lace? Slim silhouettes? Bring visuals to your first appointment to the bridal salon, no matter what the theme may be. In the end, though, keep an open mind. You may fall in love with something you never expected.


After Choosing The Venue


Dress shopping should be done after you've determined your wedding location, which makes sense since you want to wear something that fits the locale's vibe (a beach ceremony and elaborate ball gown may not work). In the months prior to your wedding, it's important to start thinking about your dress and nailing it down 6-9 months in advance. During the shopping experience, this allows for a good deal of relaxation. The wedding dress budget (including alteration fees) should be finalized by this point, as well as the lucky individuals who will accompany you on such a high-stakes shopping trip.


Your wedding dress shopping crew should consist of three close, supportive friends or relatives whose opinions you value most.


You'll try on sample gowns at your salon appointment with a consultant. The dress will then be custom-made for you once you've chosen the one that makes you feel most beautiful and bridal.


9 Months From The Wedding Date


A bridal salon can help you narrow down your final dress choice, pinpoint any customizations you want, and allow 6-9 months for the bespoke creation to arrive. Why does the process take so long, you may wonder? Some components of your perfect dress may be sourced from around the world, depending on your measurements. Embroidering and beading some gowns can take three people two weeks, and that's just one step.


We hope this sheds some light on when you should buy your wedding dress! If you’re ready to find “the one,” book your appointment with us at Dalia’s Bridal today!